Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

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Use the keyboard for changing screens:
M = map
D = details
C = collections
P = puzzles
T = technology
Space = pause
esc = main menu

Change the settings under 'OPTIONS' on the main menu to 'EASY', at least until you get the hang of the game. I also like the speed set at 'x2' so that projects will be completed faster. You need to do this for every game if you are playing more than 1 game at a time.

If you want time to go faster, quit the game and increase the time on your computer by 2 hours. Start the game again and 2 years have gone by. Don't jump more than 2 hours into the future at a time as your villagers may run out of food and starve. You can then buy technology or get a new project underway and jump 2 years into the future again and again and.... If you adjust the time on your computer past midnight be sure to increase the date by 1 as well. Otherwise you will accidentally jump into the past, which often has grave side effects for the villagers. You can push the space bar to pause the game before you reset the computer's time back to the correct time and that will save your villagers.

Watch out for Biggles.

Drink anything orange.

When you hear the bells look for mushrooms or collectibles.

Click on a project to see what percent completed it is.

Puzzles are not solved in order.

Don't build the hut first.

When you want a baby don't let them walk back to the hut. Keep an eye on the population count and keep trying until you see the population size increase.

Drop a villager on the herbs to increase their healing powers. Keep putting them back until they learn and then they will continue studying and learn healing on their own.

When a mushroom or other collectible first appears, press the space bar to pause the game. Then quickly put several children on the item then press the space bar again to start the game. Each child will carry an item back to the food bin. If you wait too long then the item will disappear. I think 3 children are the most possible for this.

Always use a child to heal anyone who is sick. That is the only skill a child can be taught and when they reach 14 years old they will heal the sick on their own even if you are not around. The sick hang out around the center of the map before the hospital is built. If a villager sneezes when you pick them up then they are sick and must be cured or else.

Keep an eye out for mushrooms, especially at the beginning of the game until you buy Level 2 Farming. Only children can pick them up and the mushrooms may desperately be needed for food in the future.

If there is only one coconut left the villagers will not pick it. When you aree low on food put all villagers on the coconut trees. Keep putting the villagers who already picked a coconut back on the tree before they get to the food bin until all villagers climb the trees. Then they will each get the last coconut.

Pause the game if you will not be playing again for a long time.

To get to a different part of the map quickly, push the number keys. You can also pick up a villager then press a number key to transport the villager to another part of the map.
1 = bottom left, 2 = bottom middle, 3 = bottom right
4 = middle left, 5 = middle middle, 6 = middle right
7 = top left, 8 = top middle, 9 = top right

Make sure not all your farmers are old.

Before population 10 and again before 35 a new hut foundation appears. The hut must be built before the population can grow over 10 or 35. Change all preferences off of parenting until the hut is complete.

Click the mask at the bottom for more tips.

Bang the gong, see what happens.


Finish puzzle #5 Herb Mastery first.

Next, set all 3 adults preferences to farming and let them get a stockpile of fish before the ocean becomes algae infested.

Once that happens, set all preferences to science and monitor their progress. As soon as they have enough points, purchase level #2 farming and level #2 engineering.

Change all preferences to construction and get them working on the dam.

Once the dam is complete, put 2 women's preferences to parenting and stay with them until they become trainees. Change 1 villager to farmer and all others to science.

Let the population grow to around 15 until you are able to purchase level 3 farming.

Then let your population grow large by changing one 18-year-old man's preference to parenting. Build a second hut at around population 35, first hut around population 10.

Save points to purchase level 2 and 3 science before you buy any of the other techs.

Once you bought all the technologies you should have 90, mostly adults, to finish all the puzzles.

Puzzle #1: Fire

Requirements: None
Action: Drop one adult villager on the dry grass in the upper left. Pick up a villager and press number 7 to get him there quickly. Drop another villager on the woodpile on the bottom left, press number 1. This can be done the same time to save time. Once the villagers carry the grass and wood to the fire pit then drop an adult on the fire pit and he/she will light the fire.
Description: "A villager discovered how to make fire! Crackling and warm, this foundation of life and progress provides comfort, health, and technological advantage... As long as your villagers can keep it burning."

Puzzle #2: The Dam

Requirements: Level 2 Engineering
Action: Drop a villager or all villagers on the rocks below the stream (number 3). Be sure to change their preferences to builder. This will take some time and you need to watch them until they become trainees. I find it best to first put all the non-builders on the hut on the bottom left of the map (number 1) just until they become trainees and then transfer them to the dam.
Description: "Your engineers harnessed the power of nature by building a dam and redirecting the overflow of fresh stream water to a patch of fertile soil. As a result, your villagers can farm now! The dam also drained the southeast flats and will prevent further flooding in that area."

Puzzle #3: The Scarecrow

Requirements: Puzzle #2, Level 2 Engineering, Adept Farmer
Action: Drop 2 adept or master farmers on the twisted sticks in the upper right of the map (number 9). They will carry some wood to the farm and build the scarecrow. If you only have 1 adept or master farmer then he/she will have to make 2 trips.
Description: "To ward off the flocks of hungry birds, a farmer fashioned a spooky scarecrow out of some twisted and gnarled sticks. Those pesky birds should keep their distance now!"

Puzzle #4: The Cutting Tool

Requirements: Level 2 Exploration, Master Scientist
Action: Drop a master scientist on the shinny object to the right of the sticks on the top right of the map (number 9). The object appears only after you reach level 2 exploration. The scientist will carry the object to the science hut. Once that is done you can drop the same or any other master scientist on the sticks near the shinny object and he/she will carry the sticks back to the science hut. Wait for the scientist to build the cutting tools.
Description: "Your scientists fashioned a new tool! Stout branches combined with naturally sharp stone tips, found by experienced eyes, combined to make an effective tool for cutting down fierce vegetation."

Puzzle #5: Herb Mastery

Requirements: None
Action: This is the first thing I do when I start a new game. You need to drop a villager on each of 6 flowers around the map. You start the game with 3 villagers who are old enough so you can study 3 flowers the same time. When they start to walk away drop them on the other 3 flowers. Locations: 1 flower top left (number 7), 1 flower top middle (number 8), 2 flowers top right (number 9), 1 flower bottom right (number 3), 1 flower bottom middle (number 2).
Description: "After thorough investigation of the local flora, your villagers mastered the use of Isola's indigenous herbs. Not only are healing powers improved, the variety of cooking herbs is increased."

Puzzle #6: The Elder Totem

Requirements: None
Action: One villager needs to become a master at 3 different skills and will then be called an esteemed elder. Once this happens a totem pole will appear at the spot where he/she first became a master for the third skill. There are several different kinds of totem poles. You get another totem pole each time a villager becomes an esteemed elder and you can move the totem poles anyplace you want.
Description: "Your villagers erected a handsome totem commemorating the skills mastery of a village Elder. The Elder's wisdom and influence will be remembered for many generations."

Puzzle #7: Sustainably Fishing

Requirements: Level 3 Farming
Action: After awhile, it could even be before you purchase level 2 farming, algae will grow in the ocean and the villagers cannot fish anymore. After you reach level 3 farming drop all your masters in the pond and they will catch an algae eating fish then they will carry it to the ocean. It will take 10 algae eating fish so keep bringing the masters back from the ocean to the pond until this puzzle is complete.
Description: "Your scientists confirmed that over fishing of algae-eating fish caused extensive algae growth in the ocean. By introducing a special fish from the diving pool, your tribe restored the natural balance and clean state of the ocean!"

Puzzle #8: The Vine Wall

Requirements: Puzzle #4, Level 3 Culture
Action: Wait for your population to be large before starting this puzzle. Drop your villagers on the vine wall on the middle right of the map (number 6). They will then go get a cutting tool and return to start removing the vines. Set the villager's preference to building. This will take awhile so don't wait. Once this puzzle is complete, drop a villager on the wall and he/she will read the wall.
Description: "Now that your tribe extensively researched culture, they can read the writing on this ancient wall."

Puzzle #9: The Stew

Requirements: Puzzle #1, Puzzle #5, Level 2 Exploration
Action: * Start the fire as in puzzle #1 and, at the same time if you wish, drop a villager on the cauldron in the woodpile (number 1).
* Once the fire is going and the cauldron is in place, drop a villager on the cauldron to prepare for stew.
* Drop a villager on the cauldron again and they will go get water for the stew.
* At the same time drop 3 other villagers on any 3 of the 6 flowers around the island and they will carry the flowers to the cauldron.
* Once the villager fills the cauldron with the water put a villager on the cauldron again and they will go get food to put in the pot.
When the magical stew is done, drop a villager on the cauldron to eat and see what happens. If you try different combinations of flowers you will get different results.
Description: "Through mastery of the island herbs and a desire to eat something warm and filling, your villagers learned to make a delicious hot stew! With different ingredients, maybe they can create different stews..."

Puzzle #10: The Ancient Mosaic

Requirements: Puzzle #4, Level 3 Engineering, Level 3 Culture
Action: Drop your villagers on the vines below the dam (number 3). They will scrape off the vines and, after a long while, reveal the ancient mosaic.
Description: "Being the skilled explorers, engineers, and culturists they are, your villagers expertly restored the Ancient Mosaic. It was probably the floor of an important building, judging by its intricate beauty."

Puzzle #11: The Hospital

Requirements: Level 3 Medicine, Level 3 Engineering
Action: A foundation will appear on the bottom middle of the map (number 2). Drop your villagers on the foundation and they will build a hospital. Once completed, your villagers will go there when they are sick. Also, the doctors will hang around the hospital and wait for the sick.
Description: "Your village builders and healers collaborated to build a hospital! Not only is it a place for the infirm, it has also advanced medical research. Your villagers now heal faster and wont get sick as often."

Puzzle #12: The Sewing Hut

Requirements: Level 2 Culture, Level 2 Science
Action: A new foundation will appear next to the love hut. When completed your villagers can spend 5,000 points each and finally change those clothes that they have been wearing since birth. One game I played I gave all the farmers one uniform, all the researchers another, and so on. When the villager mastered that skill I changed their preference and their uniform until they mastered that skill and so on. That way I was able to keep each villager learning their current task just by their clothes, without having to check their preference. I wanted to see how many totem poles the game will allow. If I remember correctly, 50 totem poles was the max.
Description: "Desperate for new clothes, your villagers developed new clothing materials! Now you can drag a villager to the sewing hut to purchase a new outfit at a cost of 5000 tech points."

Puzzle #13: The Sunken Gong Piece

Requirements: Puzzle #1, Puzzle #5, Puzzle #9, Level 2 Exploration
Action: Make a stew from the black flower on the top right (number 9) and 2 red flowers from the bottom center of the map (number 2). Drop a villager on the cauldron to eat the magic stew. It should then say, "Your villager feels no need to breathe". Drop that villager in the pond. He/she will climb the rock, jump off, and sink. The villager will then carry the quarter piece of the gong to the cave or to the research hut if puzzle #16 is not finished. If you forget the combination for this puzzle then you can always find it in the picture on the vine wall after you finish puzzle #8.
Description: "With the aid of a special breathing stew, a villager was able to hold their breath long enough to explore the depths of the lagoon. Long after disappearing, the villager resurfaced with a sunken object seen glinting far below. It's a piece of the Gong of Wonder!"

Puzzle #14: The Inlaid Gong Piece

Requirements: Puzzle #4, Puzzle #10, Level 3 Engineering, Level 3 Culture, Level 3 Exploration
Action: Drop a totem pole in the center of the circle in the center of the mosaic. A quarter piece of the Gong of Wonder will appear. Drop a villager on the gong piece and wait for them to carry it to the cave or to the research hut if puzzle #16 is not finished.
Description: "Several villagers moved the Elder Totem onto the ancient mosaic and discovered that one of the inlaid pieces is not from the original mosaic after all. It's a piece of the Gong of Wonder!"

Puzzle #15: The Boxed Gong Piece

Requirements: 3 Master Builders
Action: To finally open that mysterious box on the beach that washed ashore, simply drop 3 master builders on the box. The box will fall apart exposing a quarter piece of the Gong of Wonder. Drop a villager on the gong piece and wait for them to carry it to the cave. If Puzzle #16 is not yet completed then the villagers will carry the gong piece to the research hut to store it until puzzle #16 is complete. I always look for a younger villager to carry it because those master builders are usually old and walk too slow.
Description: "Using their combined ingenuity and skill, your master builders pried open the expertly sealed crate that washed ashore and taunted them since its arrival. After struggling with it for some time, the box yielded to reveal a piece of the Gong of Wonder!"

Puzzle #16: The Overgrown Gong Piece

Requirements: Puzzle #4, Level 2 Exploration
Action: Drop the villagers on the thorny area on the top center of the map (number 8). They will go get a cutting tool and then return to cut away the thorns. This will take some time and you can see the thorny area getting smaller and smaller until it is all gone. When completed, a piece of the Gong of Wonder will be in its place in the cave.
Description: "Clearing the briars, your villagers discovered the real purpose of this strange statue... To house a giant gong! The section of gong found in the thorny undergrowth is now positioned in the statue where it seems to belong."