Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

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Puzzle #15: The Boxed Gong Piece

Requirements: 3 Master Builders
Action: To finally open that mysterious box on the beach that washed ashore, simply drop 3 master builders on the box. The box will fall apart exposing a quarter piece of the Gong of Wonder. Drop a villager on the gong piece and wait for them to carry it to the cave. If Puzzle #16 is not yet completed then the villagers will carry the gong piece to the research hut to store it until puzzle #16 is complete. I always look for a younger villager to carry it because those master builders are usually old and walk too slow.
Description: "Using their combined ingenuity and skill, your master builders pried open the expertly sealed crate that washed ashore and taunted them since its arrival. After struggling with it for some time, the box yielded to reveal a piece of the Gong of Wonder!"


  1. i have one master builder and i've finished those things what can make anothor [building a hut .. lovly hut .. sewing hut and clearing the briars]and the other master builder was dead
    what can i do?? is there any thing can make a builer?? [when i drop the builder he tris but he can't do alone]

  2. There will be other large construction jobs coming up soon. You can save that box on the beach for later.

  3. I never received y the box. I just need two more pieces. I didn't master all the techs. How do i get the box.

    1. Perhaps work on other projects for now and save the box for later.