Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

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Puzzle #14: The Inlaid Gong Piece

Requirements: Puzzle #4, Puzzle #10, Level 3 Engineering, Level 3 Culture, Level 3 Exploration
Action: Drop a totem pole in the center of the circle in the center of the mosaic. A quarter piece of the Gong of Wonder will appear. Drop a villager on the gong piece and wait for them to carry it to the cave or to the research hut if puzzle #16 is not finished.
Description: "Several villagers moved the Elder Totem onto the ancient mosaic and discovered that one of the inlaid pieces is not from the original mosaic after all. It's a piece of the Gong of Wonder!"


  1. i have drop my totem pole (i even have 16 totem pole!) in the center of the mosaic, but nothing happen/appear from it. all my technology was fully research!.. is there other way to get it??? i'm so desperate..

  2. Only one totem pole is needed. Be sure to finish puzzle #4 and 10 first. You may need to drop it a few times in a slightly different place in the circle.

    1. Why my population cant large only 9 villagers i have and nothing more

  3. i've dropped the totem pole too.. and all of the puzzles have been solved [except this puzzel], and all my technology was fully research, what can i do?

  4. Sometimes you need to drop it many times in a slightly different place to find the exact spot for it to work.

  5. i have completed ol the puzzles except for puzzle fourteen. i also have placed a totem on the very center of the ancient mosaic but still nothing happens...:((((

  6. You have to drop the first totem you ever got.

  7. i have tried dropping it every where in the center circle and it is the only puzzle not done, and all my tech is researched, but it still won't show up.

  8. Do I need all All of those tech or just One of them