Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

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Puzzle #8: The Vine Wall

Requirements: Puzzle #4, Level 3 Culture
Action: Wait for your population to be large before starting this puzzle. Drop your villagers on the vine wall on the middle right of the map (number 6). They will then go get a cutting tool and return to start removing the vines. Set the villager's preference to building. This will take awhile so don't wait. Once this puzzle is complete, drop a villager on the wall and he/she will read the wall.
Description: "Now that your tribe extensively researched culture, they can read the writing on this ancient wall."


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    1. get utorrent download it, then go to (in google) next type in virtual villagers 2 click on the one you want. Next (important) DONT DOWNLOAD Click "Get this Torrent" then itll start in your utorrent application, Then Look up rest on youtube.

    2. Or you can buy the game. It doesn't cost much and is worth it.

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