Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

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Puzzle #5: Herb Mastery

Requirements: None
Action: This is the first thing I do when I start a new game. You need to drop a villager on each of 6 flowers around the map. You start the game with 3 villagers who are old enough so you can study 3 flowers the same time. When they start to walk away drop them on the other 3 flowers. Locations: 1 flower top left (number 7), 1 flower top middle (number 8), 2 flowers top right (number 9), 1 flower bottom right (number 3), 1 flower bottom middle (number 2).
Description: "After thorough investigation of the local flora, your villagers mastered the use of Isola's indigenous herbs. Not only are healing powers improved, the variety of cooking herbs is increased."


  1. what do you do if the stew is nasty and no one will eat it but it wont let u dump itout or do anything else with it?

  2. Find more herbs or add extra of the same herbs

  3. Just wait .... it will disappear n you try again