Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

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Puzzle #12: The Sewing Hut

Requirements: Level 2 Culture, Level 2 Science
Action: A new foundation will appear next to the love hut. When completed your villagers can spend 5,000 points each and finally change those clothes that they have been wearing since birth. One game I played I gave all the farmers one uniform, all the researchers another, and so on. When the villager mastered that skill I changed their preference and their uniform until they mastered that skill and so on. That way I was able to keep each villager learning their current task just by their clothes, without having to check their preference. I wanted to see how many totem poles the game will allow. If I remember correctly, 50 totem poles was the max.
Description: "Desperate for new clothes, your villagers developed new clothing materials! Now you can drag a villager to the sewing hut to purchase a new outfit at a cost of 5000 tech points."

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